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What do we offer in the store?

Cupcakes and Slices

While you can order a whole or loaf cake at any time by calling our store, sometimes you need something quick!

We offer pound cake cupcakes and Pound Cake slices every day,.


Pound Cake Cupcakes

Over 70 Flavors of pound cake in a hand-held package. Available in Gluten Free and Dairy Free options!

$3 per cupcake - $4 Per Gluten Free Cupcake

$15 Half Dozen - $20 Gluten Free Half Dozen

$30 Dozen - $40 Gluten Free Dozen

We offer multiple flavors of Cupcakes in house daily. However, to order a specific flavor not in house, we require a minimum order of a dozen.

Pound Cake Slices

3 Flavors of Pound Cake Slices daily!

With over 70 delicious flavors, there is no way we could have them for you every day. You will always be able to enjoy our famous Classic, Banana Pudding and Chocolate Chocolate Chip by the slice.

 $4 Per Slice.

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